the enneagram

What is the Enneagram and why is there so much buzz about it?

The Enneagram is a system of self-discovery that melds beautifully with yoga, personal and spiritual development, as well as coaching and therapy. The Enneagram of Personality Types works by providing insight into your intimate relationships (including your relationship to yourself!) through a personalized map for growth and freedom. It studies human nature and personality as a key to unlocking your gifts–qualities we experience in peak states or flow. It works hand-in-hand with practice of mindful Presence, empowering us with the tools we actually need to live life fully engaged…and to be kind to ourselves.

As Enneagram master teachers Don Riso & Russ Hudson explain: “The Enneagram is a profound and comprehensive system for understanding yourself and other people in your life with new depth and clarity. Because understanding yourself and others is so important, this knowledge has the power to change your life.”

Millions of people around the world use the Enneagram each day because they see their experience accurately reflected in it. As the founder of Soul Nourish Institute I, Shari, share this work with a full heart because I’ve found it to be the most transformative part of my journey.

What does your Enneagram “Type” really describe?

As a synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychology, the Enneagram provides a powerful and practical map of the human psyche in order to bring greater awareness to our automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The nine basic Types describe nine fundamental perspectives and the imbalances that occur due to placing an over-emphasis on one particular perspective or need at the expense of the others. In doing so, we lose contact with the fullness of our potential and we get caught up in patterns and reactivity while shutting down parts of ourselves. What makes the Enneagram so useful is that it demonstrates very clearly and precisely our blind spots and can help us to practically address them. (by John Luckovich of the Embodying Presence Inner Work Retreat)

How do I get started?

The Enneagram is the basis of Soul School’s SoulWork101 web course, which is a great way to dive into applied Enneagram teachings in your own life. If you’re planning to attend a Soul Nourish Women’s Weekend or retreat you’ll receive all of the details you need to begin your transformative work with the Enneagram when you arrive. If you just can’t wait, we also highly recommend this $12 Type assessment through the Enneagram Institute.

Remember, while the Enneagram points toward the possibilities of what makes us come alive and where we tend to lose ourselves, it is much more intricate and dynamic than a system of personality labels. As my teachers like to say: personality is what shows up when WE don’t.

“Once we understand the nature of our personality’s mechanisms, we begin to have a choice about identifying with them or not. If we are not aware of them, clearly no choice is possible.” – Wisdom of the Enneagram