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October 20-25, 2018 : Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Join us for a curated eco-luxe soul vacation with rugged nature, private adventure guides, soulful circles and authentic cultural experiences. In a breathtaking, pristine oasis where desert meets ocean, Todos Santos “Pueblo Mágico” is a unique spiritual home. This 6 day/5 night journey of self-discovery is an intimate and soul-stoking {women only} adventure beyond your wildest dreams!

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Exclusive retreat accommodations + luxury desert pool
Soul circles + chef-prepared cuisine and organic farms
Daily soulful yoga + guided meditation
Ritual ceremonies + local natural and cultural adventures
Vision quest + Seva (service) project

Wake up to the crash of waves and the glorious desert sunrise. Explore the artistic town of Todos Santos and your innermost self with our signature blend of yoga, meditation and soulwork, an oceanside massage or beach horseback riding. All-inclusive packages include luxury private retreat accommodations, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, all planned yoga and meditation classes, Enneagram teachings, a Spanish language class, a designated local guide, a full-day nature expedition, and a Seva project with a local school.

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life-changing adventures

Seva is the art of giving with no expectation to receive. The act itself is a gift to everyone involved. When we partake in this process we step into intimacy with humanity; we are fulfilled. Seva is love in action. Your investment in yourself gives back to the world in so many ways.

Join Soul Nourish’s Shari L Fox & Mandy Roberts―adventurers, friends and soulful leaders―for this life-changing quest! Curious what your experience could be like? Scroll down to hear a personal story from our last soul vacation…

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“As a recovering Type A who lives in my head, your retreat has been A Truly Amazing Experience. Being present, being authentic, being at peace – those are phrases I never thought would apply to me. I came not knowing what to expect, and I am so grounded and reset. I feel embraced and embrace all the world has to offer.”Paige S, 2017 retreat participant

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Shari L Fox - Enneagram, Yoga Retreat & Personal Discovery Weekend - Women's Weekend Retreat - Soul Nourish Retreats Spring Mountain Yoga Retreat


Shari L Fox, E-RYT & Senior Retreat Leader

Beach Lover, Happiness Coordinator, Enneagram Teacher

Shari’s work is the soul. Her presencing meditations and Enneagram workshops are personal, intuitive and liberating.

Focusing on what fuels us and what frees us, she fuses mind-body practices with an innovative understanding of personality theory and psyche development.

You’ll revel in ah-hah moments that shift what’s possible and discover deeper awareness and compassion. (Because if being hard on ourselves worked, it would have worked by now.)

Read about Shari, her classes and why she retreats here.

Mandy Roberts - Yoga Retreat & Personal Discovery Weekend - Women's Weekend Retreat - Soul Nourish Retreats Spring Mountain Yoga Retreat


Mandy Roberts, E-RYT & Senior Retreat Leader

Tree Hugger, Experience Creator, Yoga Teacher

Mandy’s all-levels and beginner friendly classes are a sacred, sweet and sometimes sweaty celebration.

She loves to embody playfulness on the mat, gently exploring and encouraging poses to empower her students to keep learning and growing.

You’ll breathe deep. You’ll move to the beat of the music, you may cry, and you’ll likely laugh. You’ll make friends and build community. You will be empowered, you’ll have fun.

Read about Mandy, her classes and why she retreats here.

Women's Weekend Retreat - Soul Nourish Retreats Spring Mountain Yoga Retreat - Atlanta, GA,  Dahlonega, GA, Asheville NC

“Adventure fills your soul.”
– Jaime Lyn Beatty

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“I just got back from a Soul Vacation in Todos Santos…

To say I learned a few things is the understatement of my year. It flipped my world upside down. Sometimes the veil is lifted and  the universe reveals its magic to us. Sometimes it’s subtle, a fleeting moment, barely even noticed. What I experienced in Mexico was none of those gentle glimpses. The Universe grabbed me by the shoulders and told me it was time to grow. I was in a state of bliss, I felt the pain and clarity of undistracted presence, and I began some sort of transformation, which may be midlife, but feels like death and looks like rebirth (for reasons I’ll soon explain.)


For the first time in ten years, I left the country without my computer. I turned off my cellular data. I disconnected. 

I shared the next few days with a magnificent group of courageous, authentic women. We connected right away and I knew I was surrounded by trusted allies. We engaged in rare forms of interaction: we sat together, looked in each other’s eyes, and we listened. We played, we sang, we shared stories and silence. We laughed, we wept, we supported and we accepted.

The morning after I arrived, we were guided through a sensory exploration of our bodies. It only lasted a couple minutes. We were asked to describe the sensations we discovered without assigning judgement- so it couldn’t be good or bad, painful or pleasurable. In this short exercise, the throbbing pain in my lower back transformed into something more like the sun- hot, powerful and radiant. The sensation wasn’t gone, but I no longer identified it as pain. In a moment, I was free of the trigger. It was crazy. Almost instantly, the thing that had caused so much suffering for weeks was gone. And I was left to consider how much of the suffering was directly caused by the pain and how much was related to my inability to accept it.

On Day 3, we travelled several hours up the coast, by van and boat, to a small rock island on the Sea of Cortez where hundreds of sea lions lazed around, barking and burping and basking in carefreedom. Every now and then, one would inch his blubbery body to the edge of his perch until gravity dropped him down in the cool water. That’s where they would dine on a feast of fish and play, like underwater puppies, until they tired out. Then it was back to the business of sunbathing and slowly digesting their fresh catch. That’s their life- Eat, Play, Relax. True role models in the animal kingdom. Thanks to our wetsuits and snorkel gear, we got to witness their world from above water and below.

After our swim, we boated to another island for lunch; white sand beach and clear, blue water. I figured we’d sit on the sand and nibble on whatever picnic fare you can brown bag on a boat in Mexico. But, as we moved closer, we noticed the shore was dotted with what turned out to be luxury tents for sleeping overnight, and one large tent with a long table and chairs, set for our lunch. We were greeted by a hospitable crew who’d prepared beef stew with beans and rice. And we washed it all down with fresh squeezed juices of papaya and pineapple.

With all the activities available to us- horseback riding, surfing lessons, massage and a Temescal- I spent a lot of time in Mexico just lying on a hammock. This is the kind of thing I would normally never get around to doing. Normally, I would research and compare the best hammocks available. I would buy one and string it up in the perfect spot. I would work to get everything done that needs to be done so I can go lie on the hammock. But I would never get around to lying on the hammock. I would be pulled into one more task, one more priority, one more obligation until time is up and the opportunity is gone. But this week, I relaxed. I didn’t have to cook, or take care of anyone, which helped. I couldn’t distract myself with social media and I had no emails or texts demanding my attention. I didn’t even have to figure out what to do with my time, because that was already planned for me.

The culmination of my trip was a three-hour Vision Quest- a silent, solitary mission in nature, with no distractions (no phone, no book, no journal) in which you are to remain inside a 10-foot perimeter of your own choosing, and stay there. We were given the parameters of this exercise the night before, and began our silence then, as we parted ways for bedtime. The next morning we gathered in the yoga room, where we were led through a guided meditation. Then we headed out, to find the spot we’d settle into for the next several hours. I began to walk, very slowly, with no destination in mind, just one foot in front of the other. I made my way down a cactus-laden hill, across a dried-out river bed and over a sand dune to a little cove between two dunes, right on the Pacific shoreline. If I’d kept going 10 more feet, I’d have had a perfect view of the ocean, but this was my spot, so I drew a circle in the sand and began to settle in. I tidied up the debris inside my circle, laid out a blanket and took a seat. It was overcast and chilly and the only discernible sound was the crashing waves. I knew I’d be here a while, so I just sat and waited. That’s all. I didn’t try to clear my head of thoughts or pass the time with thoughts. I just waited for whatever came to me and I accepted it. That’s it.

(Side note: I have NEVER been this zen in my life. When I’ve tried meditation in the past- no more than 15 minute sessions- it’s usually an exercise in failure. I put so much effort into trying to breathe slowly, relax my body or clear my mind, that it’s impossible for any of these things to actually happen.)

But, back to the beach. Unlike my previous experiences, sitting here, waiting in my circle was easy and comfortable. I laid back and noticed patches of blue sky breaking through the flat gray. Clouds began to take shape and I watched them as they formed, dissipated and reformed in new configurations. There were so many faces in the clouds! They looked like characters in a Guillermo del Toro film and greek gods. This went on for a while. At some point, while watching these clouds, I was struck with what felt like a profound realization: that all of this- the lightness and the darkness, the beauty and the pain, everything that we see and experience is part of a PERFECT DESIGN. This wasn’t necessarily a thought that came to me, it was a momentary recognition of Truth. As it washed through me- this experience of knowing- my body wept.”

– Excerpt from a 2017 Todos Santos Soul Vacation participant’s blog

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“This is an amazing expansive ‘yummy’ soul retreat I wish every being could experience this for themselves. No words to convey the impact…Beautiful, connecting, accepting, love. Thank you for holding space for our internal healing.”K.D, 2016 retreat participant